Guess Who’s Back?

Man, it feels like it has been FOREVER since I have written! July has proven to be a very exciting and hectic month.

In a nutshell, I ..

Went to a Giants vs Dodgers themed baby shower, watched a Giants game live, attended a college graduation,  flew to Las Vegas (for a day) as part of a bachelorette party, resumed taking a belly dance class, had a bonfire at a beach to celebrate turning 30, got a brand new bicycle and am learning how to ride it ..*takes a deep breath* .. and those are only the non-Vinty Hippage related happenings.

On the VH front, Kennie added some new stain and thread colors to our available options for wallets. Among the new colors in the lineup are black, honey, oxblood and a gorgeous blue that I am just head-over-heels for!


In addition to finding ways to step up our game, we have been working steadily on individual wallet orders and landed our first large order for 8 wallets that will be gifted from a groom to his groomsmen.

And last but not least, I HAVE to share a picture of the amazing beaded choker that a good friend made me for my birthday. Not only is it beautiful, but it says Vinty Hippage on it!


I feel so grateful that Kennie and I are surrounded by people who see our mission, feel our passion and who uplift us with every kind word and deed.

Over and out for now,

Tiana ❤




Night Moves


They say that the freaks come out at night. Kennie and I may just fit into that category but, you know, in a non-creepy sort of way!

It was a Friday night – or more accurately, a Saturday morning. Kennie had wallets to tool and I had painting to do on my new stitching pony, so we packed up our art stuff and headed out by the bay to make use of our mobile workshop setup.


Though it was chilly outside, it was an adventurous spirit (and a really warm hoodie) that kept me from freezing. We went to an empty parking lot with an amazing view of the Bay Area and set up our stations. As we worked in the cool calm of the night, we took in our surroundings: the hip-hop playing over the wireless bluetooth speaker, the twinkling of nightlife in the distance across the water, a possible drug-deal on the other side of the parking lot .. Or ok, let’s think positive – a possible late night COOKIE exchange on the other side of the parking lot. After all, there must be plenty of friendly freaks like us who use unpopulated areas in the wee hours of the morning for completely legitimate purposes. Yes, I’m sure that’s what it was but I digress ..

We stayed for about an hour before heading back to the toasty comforts of home. All in all, it was pretty neat. There were no neighbors to worry about disturbing and no distractions. It was just us, a stunning view of the Bay and quite possibly, a couple of other nocturnal adventurers on a mission to indulge a sweet tooth.

Over and out,






Sun Time, Fun Time

Last Saturday, we cruised down our stunning Northern Californian coast en route to Santa Cruz for a birthday celebration and a reggae show – two of my favorite things!

On the way, we pulled off to Swanton Berry Farm to grab some local strawberry jam for Kennie’s PB&J sandwiches and were ensnared by the lure of strawberry shortcake cleverly placed next to our line as we waited to pay.  Later on, we wondered into a lovely shop full of supplies to stain glass and make jewelry called Kiss My Glass. Kim – a member of the staff – warmly welcomed us and gave us a tour. She was informative and spoke with an excitement that made it evident she was lucky enough to be working at her dream job.

We also got to hang out with our friend – fellow leatherworker Dan of Flynn’s Flesh( – to check out his latest work, talk leatherworking tips and shoot the shiz!


All and all, it was a weekend well enjoyed and well spent!

Over and out until next time,



Vinty Hippage On The Go


For us right now, Bay Area living means apartment living and with that comes neighbors in very close proximity. Now, add to that living in an old building through which sound travels very effectively and you’ve got a recipe for no privacy. Fortunately for us (as a our apartment doubles as the Vinty Hippage workshop), there’s not much noise made in leatherworking other than when tooling the leather. We’ve also been lucky because we have pretty much not had a neighbor below us for over 2 years and because of Kennie’s alternative schedule, he’s been able to impression the leather during the day while our other neighbors are gone without having to worry about the noise being an issue.

Sadly, just as all good things come to an end, so has our ideal apartment-living scenario. Our downstairs neighbor (who was only home maybe 5 or 6 times since we’ve lived above) has moved out and it’s only a matter of time before new tenants move in. We were also able to confirm that Kennie’s tooling would be disruptive were there someone below while it occurred. There was a bit of initial panic but not to worry Vinty Hippage lovers, the show will go on!

Always one to think ahead, Kennie designed and built a mobile work bench in order to work anywhere, anytime. It has holders, hangers and pockets for all of his go-to leatherworking tools and accessories, space for his bluetooth speaker (for out-and-about rocking out) and even a light for working at night. It also has a padded bucket for a chair which also houses even more supplies inside. Pretty freakin’ cool. And no, he didn’t pay me to say that. So, keep your eyes peeled – Vinty Hippage may be coming to a scenic site near you.

Over and out,




Ready, Set, Go!


After much anticipation, Kennie and I are pleased to launch our website! We’re also excited to get working on some new projects for Vinty Hippage, including having stickers made with this logo that Kennie drew!

Over and out for now,







Welcome to Vinty Hippage!

Vinty Hippage isn’t just  our brand – it’s a destination we are journeying toward.

Old-fashioned values motivate us. The simple life beckons us. Your support encourages us. Technology can help propel us.

Stay tuned!